Beginning with death

I start this blog about an hour after I find out a person I know is dying very quickly.  His body is ravaged by cancer and taking him away from us.  Myself, I do not want him to suffer.  I know he wanted more time, but the door is opened and he’s peering to the other side.

Whatever that is?  I’ve never seen a ghost so I’m not sure what is there.  If he’s aware that he’s going quickly are there shadows there? Are there lights?

In our Pagan Tradition he is beloved by many  So many tears are falling right now. Many nights of sleep are being lost to tears, keening, and staring off into space.

Goddess, please don’t let my friend’s passing be long and suffering. Please take him gently and swiftly because he doesn’t deserve this agony. He deserves peace, light, and freedom.

BUT DAMN! I’m going to miss him so much.

Best Song about Hermes Ever:  

Have you called before your time?
Rest your head against me Im a friend to travelers.
Hold me tight my wings are strong,
Wrap your arms around me
Its a long way through the tunnel to the light.
Speeding through the fields of flowers,
Silver skies with distant showers
My sister brought them
All the seeds in spring were sown,
How the tendriled vines have grown
So full in Autumn
May I say you seem too strong,
Loose your silver hair
‘Cause its a long way through the tunnel to the light.

Fates are poised above the strings,
They know the span of life and wings,
You are not of them.
See the life these travelers chose
Highway lamps on open roads
That shine above them
Do your fingers want to feel
Tunnels made of dampened steel
And why pretend that youre so dull
May I say youre beautiful
It makes me want to turn this thing around,
Youll ride with me tonight,
You will ride with me tonight,
You will ride with me tonight.


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